Natural Park: Marjal Pego-Oliva

In Spain, a natural park (Spanish: parque natural) is a natural space protected for its biology, geology, or landscape, with ecological, aesthetic, educational, or scientific value whose preservation merits preferential attention on the part of public administration.

La Marjal de Pego is an example of Natural Park. La Marjal is an extensive wetland, almost flat, with an underground water table that leads to changes in the water level throughout the seasons.

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What to see at La Marjal de Pego, Natural Park:

    – 1,000 hectares of this wetland, framed by the Segaria and Mustalla mountains, houses several plant species and animals. It also has a thermal water spring with curative properties, called Font Salada. Llavador 5, 03780 Pego.
    – This nature reserve since 1995, has a dune system. It is composed of swamp areas and paddy fields. The formation of this park is due to the silting process suffered a former bay that made lagoon and later went on to make it the current marsh. Because this is an area with numerous uniform reed rafts of clean water being traversed by two rivers the Bullent, which borders the marsh to the north and Racons, located south of the site,. For its fauna and flora has an important value ecology.

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What to do at La Marjal de Pego, Natural Park:

Extensive wetland surrounded by the Segària and Mustalla mountains, which are home to a vast array of natural phenomena.

    The natural drainage of its waters reaches the sea by way of canals, rivers and underground waterways. The Pego-Oliva wetland takes water from the Gallinera and Mustalla mountain ranges via ditches and water pockets known as ullals, or via rivers such as the Racons, Molinell and the Vedat. The latter is considered the most efficient at storing water in Europe, given the number of natural reservoirs along its stretch.

    The Marjal is, therefore, a flat area that floods seasonally as a result of rainwater and subterranean water pockets, or aquifers, amongst the mountains inland from the coast. These environmental features create unique vegetation and wildlife comprising mainly migratory birds that need these ecological islands to be able to complete their vital cycle. Rich flora provides a thick carpet of vegetation that gives shelter and food to birds as well as an ideal place for them to rest and build nests.

    The Spanish government included the Pego-Oliva Marjal in the Ramsar Agreement list in 1994, a list in which the world’s major wetlands figure. A year later, the Marjal and the rivers and mountains surrounding it were declared an officially-protected nature reserve.

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